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The club at Skate Academy Online is a revolutionary concept in coaching of Figure Skating and Dance. It's members are not only ice skaters, but also roller inline artistic skaters.


By becoming a member of the club, you will among other possibilities and as per your type of registration, attend weekly coaching webinars, private coaching sessions, tutorials, life seminars and get the benefit of many other avantages.

The membership is possible at two different levels



Choose hereafter what suits you the best.

Note that once you are a member, you can change your membership if you feel the need to.

The up-grade will always be possible with a pre-advice of 2 weeks.

Your adapted membership will be validated to start the very next month.



ESSENTIAL Membership

> Weekly webinars (fixed day)
> Facebook Community
> Possibility for individual coaching as per coaching tarification


Monthly subscription fee :  19€ tax included


 Clic here for your ESSENTIAL monthly subscription



PREMIUM Membership

> Weekly webinars (fixed day)
> Facebook Community
> 1h individual (private) coaching (value 30€ tax incl), only with appointment

> 10% discount on the individual coaching tarification

> 10% discount on all tutorials

> 10% discount on seminars and courses in live


Monthly subscription  fee :  49€ tax included


 Clic here for your PREMIUM monthly subscription

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