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Closing date :


Please down load and complete the registration form and send it back per email to

Your registration will be valid ONLY after receipt of the registration form and your pre-payment


How much will you have to pay and when ?

You’ll pay in 2 parts

  • Part 1 :  prepayment to be registered and accepted on the courses (for any chosen package)

    • Package 1   :  minimum 120€/week or 50% of the total

    • Package 2   :  125€/week

    • Package 3A :  185€/week

    • Package 3B :  minimum 255€/week or 50% of package 1 + 125 €

  • Part 2 :  remaining  amount as soon as communicated per email by the  organizer

       - via Paypal (ref

       - via bank transfer

       - at the end of the course, in cash, only if not known in advance

  • Package 1 :  the remaining 50% of the total and the related ice fee

  • Package 2 and 3 :  the remaining fee will depend on the amount of participants

How will you pay ?

Titre 1

Payment is possible via


Account holder : 

Sylvia Verschraege, 24 Chemin de Mission, 08600 Chooz, France

IBAN BE38  3775 1793 5072



Charges are depending on your country, please ensure that you pay these along with your registration.


1/ Rink

  • The rink is full size (60*30), square (no round corners) and is outdoors

  • The changing room is heated, there are toilets, lockers are also available (for free, but you’ll need a 1€ or 2€ coin to be able to close them). Skates can be left each day in the locker.


2/ Be on time on the ice

  • All skaters are expected to be ready on the ice by the time the group course and/or the private lessons start.

  • If any skater would not be on time on the ice for a private lesson, for any possible reason, the slot for his/her private lesson will be lost.


3/ Music

  • The early morning group course will be held with exercise music and/or dance music.

  • During private lessons or individual free practice time dance music could be played upon special request.


4/ Private lessons

  • Additionally to your chosen (booked) package, and only in case of available slots, private lessons can be booked during the course and paid for, in cash just before the beginning of the lesson.


5/ Timetable and coaches for private lessons

  • The timetable for lessons will be decided by the organiser and will be sent per email to each participant during the very 1st week of 2021.

  • In case of overbooking, the number of extra lessons requested by the skaters maybe reduced, but this will be communicated by email.

  • If a coach is overbooked, some lessons can be overbooked to the other coach

  • If a coach is not fully booked, extra lessons can be booked and paid for during the week.


You can find all necessary information about hotels and accommodation on the local website


You can also look for accommodation on and on


You could also get in touch with the local touristic office   

Informationsbüro Seefeld, Bahnhofplatz 115, 6100 Seefeld

Tel. +43 50880 or email


Seefeld is situated at 22km from the airport of Innsbrück.

From there you can take a taxi for about 50€

There is a railway station in the centre of the village.

You can access to Seefeld by car, the access to motorway E60/A12 is at 15 km.


All participants are permitted to film and take photographs provided that it does not interfere with the lessons.


By accepting the terms and conditions of the course, the participant agrees to the taking of photographs/videos which may later be published on the internet. Participants will not claim image rights or image property for any possible reason.


If participants do not agree, they should tell the organizer who will not publish those particular images.

Please note that the videos made by the organizer (and the coaches) from the course might be used later for didactic purposes.


  • Cancellation

For Cancellations before the 1 October 2020, 50% of the pre-payment will be deducted from the refund.

For cancellations between 1 October and closing date (15 November 2020), 75% of the pre-payment will be deducted from the refund.

There will be no refund for cancellations after closing date or if a participant would leave the course before the last day.

Any refunds for cancellation will be made latest 2 weeks after the end of the last course and latest by 28/02/2021.

If the course if cancelled by the organizer, each registered participant will receive a full refund of their payment.

The organizer will not refund travel, hotel or any other costs involved.


  • Weather

The rink being outdoors, you may not forget that it could be cold as well as warm when very sunny,

you’ll need appropriated clothing.

It could also snow (or sometimes rain ), which does not mean you would not be able to skate.

The courses and lessons will be anyhow maintained unless the direction of the rink would decide to close the rink. Only in such a case, you would get a refund of the corresponding fee for that day (course or lesson)


  • Responsibility

Each participant skates at his/her own risk, the organizer nor the ice rink offer insurance.

The organiser/coaches, the ice rink management and the employees cannot be held responsible for any damage or accident nor any losses or stolen belongings as well as the consequences of such occurrences.


* Subject to last minute changes decided by the organizer.

It is recommended to take out insurance to cover cancellation costs as well as injuries.

Organizer will only refund registrations fee in case of cancellation.

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