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This innovative site will help you discover a new way of getting started with this magnificent sport.

You can follow courses online, at your own pace.

The courses are adapted to your level and ability.


The site is primarily designed for teaching adults and in theory is not suitable for teaching children.

However, skaters parents could also find the answer to a number of technical questions. A detailed explanation can make all the difference so that their child can fianlly manage a move that seemed to be too difficult for them.


In fact, teaching adults is rather special task, very different from teaching children. It demands a lot of patience and analyses. Adults most of the times want to understand how things work and therefore ask a lot of questions. They need to get proper answers in order to feel confident and well in their skates.


Just like in a real ice rink, you will be able to find here

    • A team of professional coaches who will be able to help you get

       started and progress thanks to a high level quality teaching.

    • A club offering group lessons adapted to your level, on a weekly

       bases throughout the whole year.

    • Technical advice to help you make the right choice when buying

       your new equipment.

You can also find here

    • One of the most complete register containing information about

       the various elements, steps and moves of the art of figure


    • A large choice of "tailor-made" training courses.

    • Available face-to-face workshops and seminars with the

       coaches of the Skate Academy Online.

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